When a Deer Submits to the Kiss of the Moon

deer and moonWalking down to the lake
Late at night in the blue of the dark….
I stood alone on the dock
With full Moon ready to rise.

Moon and I sat there
Facing each other across the water,
Looking into each other’s eyes…
“A lovely night,” I say to the Moon.

He appears to pay no heed at all,
Refuses to budge or turn his head,
A lazy candlelight shifting from red
Like an unwavering spotlight shining there,
Evolving in silence to white, to silver
Unblinking like eternal stars far overhead.

I couldn’t resist his kiss.
Do I hear a whispered word….
A sigh he might be sad or cold?
Suddenly a deer appears from the dark,
Footsteps stop as she turns her head.

She sees the water flowing
And stares at the great white Moon.
Is she also enchanted as I am enchanted,
Opening heart to the world with love?
She lowers her head as though in prayer,
Demurely prods at the ground,
Silently submits to the kiss of the Moon,
Then slowly she moves on.


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