What Have We Done With the Promise?

PromiseWe have taken the realm of God
Found here on Earth,
Made it a place of exile
Where no one can repose
Except in voyage toward death.

No longer does the Sun
Turn green the royal palms
But bleaches skin to white.
Oceans spawn waves of dark plastic,
Rivers run black with oil.

Day is no longer wholesome;
Stars of night are seldom seen.
No gracious spirit stirs upon the land
And birds of dawn no longer sing.
What have we done with the promise?

There is wind,
But within the wind
Is not heard the Voice of God.
There is fire, but it consumes.
And the fire is not God.


2 thoughts on “What Have We Done With the Promise?

  1. Very to the point and a realistic, not so pretty, picture. Can we insure that fifty years from now there is more hope than we can see now? That is a real question I think.

  2. It takes a long time to turn a big ship around. We could stop emitting harmful CO2 and methane and other harmful things into the atmosphere today and it would take over 40 years for the benefit to be seen. But we can’t even get half the people on the planet to admit to the problem. One day people will look back and curse us for our lack of action.

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