In Service to the Earth

Service to the EarthDedicated to my sister, Jane  (1944-2014)— Until that day when we are joined as One.

Come join me in service to the Earth.
Let us woo the nations
Back to sacred relation with the soil,
Floating in clean waters of our senses,
Hands digging in direct contact with the natural world.

Leave behind all that is abstract in your mind.
Where we go we will fall in love
With whole of Nature and Cosmos,
Resting in beginning, ending of each day,
Trusting only what we experience—
Wordlessly in sight, taste and smell.

Let us feel the wind
As it caresses our faces,
Allow the ground to be our ground
That sustains us safely
Through every storm,
Walking slowly, humbly under white clouds,
Cleanse the soul in holy rivers,
Rest in silent stone of sacred mountains
Under canopy of stars of day or night—
Hear the lush but simple melody of Life.

Together— never as one alone,
We will breathe in a world of wordless meaning,
Sleep and wake in a living world
Where violets bloom in spring—
Walk in service to the Way,
Finally find ourselves
Within great shimmering eternal web of Life.


One thought on “In Service to the Earth

  1. What a lovely memorial to your sister. I am thinking of you as you go through these difficult days and remembering you in my prayers.

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