Crying at Temple of Abu Simbel

temple-Abu-Simbel-Sun-passes Standing alone in the Holy of Holies of Abu Simbel,
Hands upon Pharaoh’s High Altar where only
Mighty Ramses or High Priest could enter,
Heart opening in wordless prayer.

Surrounded by voiceless ghosts who linger still,
Face images of Egyptian gods carved in granite—
Contemplate ancient ones who first
Conceived eternal life that lies on other side of death.

Here blood sacrifice was made to please the gods—
Now I stand in tee shirt, shorts and plain sandals.
Ask all who worshiped here be forgiven—
Pray the gods would forgive and bless me, too.

Suddenly, tears fall upon my cheeks,
Drop upon ancient altar
Carved into rock 4,000 years ago,
I sense a holy presence that has always lived here—
Called or uncalled God breathes within this sacred place.


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