I Want to Watch You Sleeping

man watchingI want to sit by you,
Watch you sleeping
Inside cave of darkness
Where dreams visit.

I want to watch your breathing,
Listening as you sleep,
Heart beating slowly, touch,
Sense the love within your veins.

I want to hold you through the night,
You my reflection and joy of life,
Share your visions as you sleep,
Closed eyes fluttering as you dream.

I want to feel the very depth of you
Vulnerable while you rest at peace
Through each dark hour of night,
Exhale your day in twitch upon your face.

I want to sleep beside your warmth,
See that moment when your lips surrender
Liquid breath of cool night air
As you relax, let go of every care….

I want to watch you, sleeping
As your body lies beside,
Protect your naked back
Until you wake with morning in your eyes.


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