Oh, Egypt— Why Do You Haunt My Dreams?

SphinxOh, Egypt—for three days I have been away,
Washed your dust from my feet
Yet still you haunt my dreams.
Sleep offers no relief from my thoughts of you.
Your water overflows its banks to flood
My eyes, my feet, my thirsting heart.

I long to smell the dust of your ancient deserts,
My soul alive and living under your stars.
What have you done to me?
You appear before and after, encompass left and right,
Hold my body and mind within your protective
Dark eyes that seize me in enchanting grasp.

Are you my future or are you a wonderful memory
That begs not to be forgotten or assigned to the past?
I am helpless, caught swimming within blue Nile,
Your ancient tombs and gods alive, breathing, searching,
Protecting my soul from fatigue and cold.
Give me, I pray, an answer.

Under the eye of your blazing white Sun
I long to live each hour.
No longer am I enthroned in power.
The choice, the outcome is not mine to control.
My heart is open and bleeding when I hear your call.
I am ready to kiss your feet.  What is your Will of me?


2 thoughts on “Oh, Egypt— Why Do You Haunt My Dreams?

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when a vacation makes such an impact on one’s life! You took a risk to visit a country in turmoil and retuned home to share a beautiful story of peace.

    • I found the Egyptian people to be remarkably warm and friendly. I never once felt unsafe and never saw or sensed any turmoil. Yes, there is turmoil in Egypt as there is in many countries, including the US. But I do think the media presents a picture of Egypt that is distorted. Nothing new in that.

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