Legend of the Fall

moth-to-solar-flameMoth plunged close in silence,
Dancing nearer and nearer to the flame,
Yielding in the quiet air, bending wings,
Twice and twice again it came,
Round and round as though imploring kiss—
Kiss of passion tempting death.

Suddenly the tremorous flame
Gave way in draft of tranquil air—
Reached out to touch fragile wing,
Learned a final blue regret.
No scream was heard;
Hardly visible the vapored trace of
Smoldering grey wisp of smoke.

Ah, my heart cleaved in two—
Standing, watching as moth fell in flames.
What bright logic, what destructive impulse
Called it to unbleeding doom?
Why did flame not move the other way….
Refuse to burn this dancing moth
Fluttering as it seemed to seek death’s dark sway?

Do you spend out your days this way?
Do you offer kisses to the blazing Sun
That calls you— ready to grant
Wordless wish floating inside your daily prayers?
Life is about joy, not fear— no need
For caustic plunge to sacrifice your youth.

Be not burned but be the one who burns victorious,
Never surrendering worth of life to shame.
Who do you think you are— immortal star?


One thought on “Legend of the Fall

  1. Fred – I have read this poem several times and each time I view it a bit differently. I’ll have to come back to it again and see what it says to me at yet another time. I find it intriguing.

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