I Could Not Love You Half So Much

 I Could Not Love I could not love you half so much
Loved I not all round Earth today,
The light of glorious Sun
Reflected on high mountain snow.

There is no greater faith in God
Than I have found in quiet wood,
Meandering through on leafy path
Embraced by elm and oak and pine.

Standing on the sandy beach,
I feel adoring Ocean’s reach,
Its deeps—  its awesome storms,
Cleansing tides that wash bare feet.

Please see me not as one unfaithful
If when my heart begins to bleed—
I walk alone, hold close to Earth
And seek in healing my rebirth.

Then with radiant sun still vibrant in the air,
I turn and see you standing there.
Our love makes angels pause to watch
Embrace that makes a tree to blush.

If there be soaring birds above, surely wings
Are tipped with fire as time stands still.
One kiss— my lips are stung as if by bees,
Tasting honey flow upon the sweetest lips.


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