Relax into this Source

Relax into this SourceAlmost as deep as Life itself
There is a lasting memory buried,
Brooding as loving mother over child,
Forgotten now yet breathing—
A Presence which still abides within.

Light as winter’s frost that comes,
Silently resides in years of darkness lost,
Convinced that warm days have never been—
This lie, this yoke that strangles breath…..
This Earthly freight of toil and pain
Binds us with such heavy weight.

Yet if we take our pause to pull away,
Meditate in worthy depths of freedom,
Here is found a living Joy—
Fluttering among a trove of blessed hopes.
Awake to this strange mysterious Delight.
Cherish moments in being close to Being
As is Eternal Essence that waits within the Soul.

We need not be ashamed and tremble,
Filled with fear that never shall we swim
In Oceans of Immortal Stars—
Those waves now brush against our feet!
Stop and hear the quiet sweep,
Subtle tides that rise and fall in memory’s Evermore.
Though inland now we live, in instant
Do we rise from sleep and walk upon
Love’s calm shore, Eye within the storm
Unconquered by Shadow’s stealthy power.

Hold fast this day to brightest Star
That never moves in night’s forgetful sleep.
Stroll in dreamy valleys wide and fair.
Remember fading vision of that gleaming glory—
Be aware it’s working now to perfect evolving world….
Brings you to reach a greater Self.

This is your daily Work and Hope.
Cherish and relax into this Source of fullness….
Behold this Flowing Light, shining brightly!
Now becomes this hour a Meadow where you live,
Wild blossoms gathered round your feet,
Fills your lap and lungs with Heaven’s tender scent.


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