Here I Live in Luminous Darkness

Luminous Darkness I have an address
But never can be found there.
Inside the darkness where I live,
There is often restless tension.
Listen deeply when you visit….
Hear the background call of constant prayer—
No words, no voice other than the One.

River is impossible to push,
Holds me within whatever muddy flow
Floods upon material world.
Wandering far from where I live—
Never find within the world a Home,
Caught within the current as I drown.
Slowly I swim through hours of day,
Protect heart from overwhelming storm.

In silence is where I am sustained by prayer.
Today, I weep as hard as rain in spring,
Mourning rises in the empty space,
Lasts throughout the night until the morning dawn.
Here, I attend to the One Necessary Thing.
Carry me, Round World,
Turn me from edge of continent to very Center,

If you cannot find me walking in the Light,
Search for me in Luminous Darkness….
There, within the mix of light and dark
Breathes bright Soul—
Here I live without the need to always know.

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