Watching Whitecaps Under Reflecting Light

Whitecaps Here I am, yet again awakening from illusion….
Letting the world into my heart,
Enlarging space
By claiming greater spaciousness
Out beyond horizon of the ocean—
Where only God is real.

God is the world.
God washes onto my shore in every wave….
Awakening is first step toward freedom,
Knowing hard truth that what’s worked in the past
May now no longer work.
I want deeper satisfaction—
So very tired of making war with what is foreign.
So very tired of lasting war with you.

There are those who seem to need to hurt me.
Let them try.  I surrender.
They can live within illusion that they win.
But I refuse to feel the pain attached to protest.
I no longer need an answer from you,
Only let go to take my leave….
Find new home in deeper peace.

Let waves of the world crash on every shore.
Let water sink into the sand and leave no stain.
The sea has longed for the shore for so long
No memory lasts within its final wave….
If promises were ever made,
Now they lie dissolved so all is One.

Salty tears form whitecaps on the bay.
Birds soar in silence, high above the churning foam.
Like a gull, I have no words to speak.
There’s nothing that I haven’t heard before,
Tide brings the same encore over and over again.

I pledge my heart that I will be as the Moon,
Watching down through reflecting light,
Holding lessons learned. wrapped tenderly in
Soft tissues of  love,
Shining down on the forgiving sea
Through darkness and the harshest storm.


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