All But Love Now Disappears

SunTonight it seems I cannot stem the tide,
Floods over troubled heart,
Hollow space now gasps for hallowed breath,
Thoughts like flocks of wheeling birds,
Unreached by human hands
Fly into my mind, then disappear.

Too soon does darkness come—
How little still I know—
Inflated vision of the Earth
Holds only beauty that I glimpse.
Untether my Soul from self, I pray.

Out of darkness I see a light,
Not a lesser light as summer seems,
Only lasting till eclipsed by frozen winter….
This light is not as dawn of day
But brighter than the sun at noon,
Blue sky cloudless
With no shadow to shade or smother.

Whatever energy now calls me higher
Into space without a form or body,
All surrendered to larger service,
Higher Will to merge, emerge reborn.
Here I have no need to overcome fear,
For all but Love has disappeared.


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