Welcome Home

Another CountryThere is another country,
Barely visible within faint mist.
I’ve never seen it clearly—
Forever shrouded in mystery,
Yet I’ve sensed its presence….
Waiting, out there among the fields.

I only know its streets are broad as avenues.
And its unnamed corners
Strangely feel familiar,
As though I’ve visited there in dream,
Perhaps in another life or
While waiting to be born.

One day I shall, like a snake,
Shed my skin and go visiting,
Traveling and wandering
To place where roads have no fences,
Across invisible borders,
Gaining entry through a portal,
Always and forever open.

If I depart tomorrow,
Have no further word to say,
Proclaim for me without a lingering hesitation
When I have then no tongue for speech…..
“Death is completely safe!”
Ask yourself:  Where do I come from?  Originally?
Where truly is my home?  Where will I find my rest?
I can only testify that this new country
Is no alien land, for here the
Great King rules, and here is where
My father lives, shall welcome me,
As together we sing forgotten songs
Not heard for many years.

Here, all shall sit in peace at banquet,
No longer breathe with restless breath.
Now I pine alone, nose pressed to window,
Waiting for what I cannot see to reappear.
Walking through the rain at night,
Hearing far ahead a distant chant:
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome Home!


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