Before Such Beauty

 Beauty Before such beauty, do not mince words.
No need to be alarmed before steep silent truth.
Only within the human heart is there pain in silence,
But as mountain and clouds and soaring eagle
Behold the everlasting light that shines in darkness,
Light spreads upon, reveals Deep Peace
Which overcomes the darkness without destroying it.

For a few minutes, sit in silence.
Can you hear the rustling leaves moved by quiet wind,
Sense the critters stir, huddle down before impending storm?
Throughout the world, Spirit never sleeps but waits
For dark to yield to dawn, pink above ragged stones a herald—
Heaven’s eyes are open, inspires the turning Earth.
God is here, in midst of every sentient life, in stream and stone,
In cloud and storm, in thorn and weed, in bush and highest tree….
Inside spaces where the seed can grow in quiet love.


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