Save Me from the Surface

Save from SurfaceThere, among the undergrowth, confused,
Seething yet somber thoughts arise, unbidden…..
Twisted as gnarled tree trunks or
Voluminous clouds on stormy day
Reflected in the lake or muddy puddles on the street,
Watching as you transgress upon the bridge.
Occasionally, I roam empty streets
Alone with thoughts that stray among strange shapes—
Some are brief and some stay for hours or days.
Others come as ghosts, at midnight hours—
Old and shy of day, yet still they speak,
Transform the world with haunting mystery,
Their manic flash of skin akin to mine—
Teeming with life even through death.
There is a spectral presence that hovers,
Settles within the mist or far above the rest
With subtle intensity it becomes a part of
Field, hills, flowing streams and empty streets,
Walled courtyards and quiet rooms.
Have you stopped to notice ancient gates,
Threshold that gives passage to another world?
At times they seem to suddenly arise,
But more deeply and broadly, they stand and watch
For years, while we are unaware,
Live blindly to open portals where they dwell.
There is an unseen cost we pay to be oblivious,
To live our lives thinking only common sense,
Afraid of fascination of the darker human face.
Listen to your dreams!  Find the diamonds
Glimmering in ephemeral islands in the lake.
They live within your love affair, cannot be escaped
But paid by blood stain spilled upon the sacred space.
What great painter paints only
How people look like on exterior of face,
Who fails to grasp ambition, arrogance, brooding
Mystery carved from within by suffering and quiet grace?
The world entire is a masterpiece,
Accommodates more than eye can see,
Stretches down long centuries, whose height and depth
Causes some to flee to only surface, shallow, bankruptcy.
Pray each night you do not slip
Into clever though shy dimension, caught forever
Within shallows of the world, damned
To certainty of thought, tight, constrained within heart,
Lacking imagination to walk the empty streets.


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