Lavender Lasts But Briefly

LavenderLavender of evening lasts so briefly.
Takes ten minutes find precise word,
Choose to focus on lavender as opposed to
Inadequate words such as pink or mauve,
Though the entire palate must be honored—
Light begins to fade away toward twilight stars.

Monet felt he had but seven minutes
To paint before light changed,
So sensitive his eyes to transformed beauty.
For me, such lavender sky becomes a passing prayer,
Not sent upward but descending as a blessing.
Precious times do not last long,
More brief than fragile sand castles
When high tides approach upon the shore.

How vain to resist high passing clouds.
Go get the camera!  Where is canvas and paint?
Build a moat around the sand castle—
As though your work will hold forever
Against passing time, decay, and loss.
I wish I knew the mind of God
To know why Death comes so swiftly,
Takes away such lovely things as human life.

Do stars and swirling galaxies
Fear black holes that swallow them?
The Good Book says that God
Sends sunrise upon the evil
As God does upon the good….
Sends rain upon righteous and unrighteous.

Whether we be lavender or mauve or pink,
We are but as clouds, light forever reflecting,
Sometimes rainbow, sometimes thundering dark.
We have only passing hour to treasure,
Conscious of our suffering yet grateful for the pain….
What does God want from us, from all Creation?
What is there to do but surrender?
What is life but saying hello and then goodbye?


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