Sudden as a Rising Wind

740_10151532066131319_881297161_nAs sudden as a rising wind,
Strange as it both warms and chills,
Comes as blast of air yet soft as spring breeze,
Elevates my soul into ineffable space…..
Here silence so intense it stirs a place,
Wisdom so deep it calms and melts my heart to peace.

Something new is happening— a new beginning.
Never before have I been so close
To what God did at Creation,
Taking my mind, clay of flesh,
Working it, stretching it, enlarging and improving
Upon anything beyond the previous edition.

Nothing is discarded, old stones given new shape,
Obstacles dissolve in rush of new hope—
Healing and shaping my life,
Light from Great Source rushing
Through dark mist and deep water,
Tenderly illuminating and embracing….

I am no poet now, cannot reveal nor find clear words
To convey this softening, this flowing.
Only a constant energy and then of music and words,
Unable to tell if thoughts are my own or from God—
River of joyful tears flow down my cheeks as though
Some hidden dam has broken or breached.

Here in this magical light, covered with blessings of flowers—
A way, a source, a power so amazing I have no name but Love.
I am now a virgin, humble and small, yet brazen in my
Proclamation of this marvelous space….


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