How Can Glory Be So Silent?

glory on the road
Forever it seems, I’m walking the dark road.
Overhanging trees reaching out for me.
Suddenly I see strong blazing light….
How can glory be so silent?
Not even a whisper in surrounding fluid space….

Behind the Sun is the Moon and a billion stars—
Light intense and constant if we have eyes to see….
For now I pause, am seized by peace
Revealing new world both heavy and light.
Why here on Earth?  Why now for me?
If there is a script,
It is written in words the living cannot read.
I cannot imagine Life another way.


4 thoughts on “How Can Glory Be So Silent?

    • Or perhaps your capacity to appreciate longer poetry is rather limited. LOL You should read some of Walt Whitman and other poets of that era. Their poetry was often ten pages and more. Then again, there was Homer. Guess you don’t like the Iliad and the Odyssey? Now those were page turners. lol

      • Know your limitations, and accept them. (I just made that up). But I think I will live by them for a while to see how it seems. You (I) never know when I might learn better. I liked Walt Whitman long ago.

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