Don’t Go Outside

Path blockedPath on the right is blocked
As is the path on the left.
Now you can sit and meditate—
Discover your way forward
Now stopped by outside events.

Don’t go outside today.
What stops you is inside your house.
Wake up to what’s within….
Your way is hard and steep.
How many dreams lie shattered?

Descend down to the roots,
Shake them where they cling….
Climb to the higher Self,
Caress each tender branch,
Name each naked leaf exposed to Sun.

Burn all broken wood in sacred fire—
Smoke drifting freely in wild air,
Fragrant scent passing into the world.
Stand back and laugh,
But give not all your laughter.
Weep, but give not all your tears.

Know that as you love
You are within the heart of God.
Allow tears of sorrow to rain into Life’s stream
As you are wounded by your own love.
Bleed with joy; sleep deeply upon a bed of prayer—
Find within your dreams your deepest power.
Tomorrow the way will be unblocked.


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