More Lessons in Quiet Woods than Found in Books

Lessons Found in WoodsThis much I know,  more lessons are learned
Within woods than found in books.
Sit for hours by flowing stream—
Relax as water drains body’s tension.
Stones will teach what
You cannot learn from wise but hardened men.
Here is perfect classroom
Where you can unlearn despair.

Lie down upon rough woodland ground,
Where rotting leaves prepare new soil,
Will sustain and mend the tender heart.
Slowly breathe moist air,
Watch the trembling mist calm anxious mind
As it moves from humble cloud
To dance upon dry skin of brow.

Earth alone will stay the broken heart
As God rests in every stone,
Speaks of what is past and yet to come….
Slowly grows in soft awareness.
Descending light will send its rays,
Reveal a path where feet will find a way.
Here wild love is born, green as moss,
Swift as bounding deer,
Scampering as squirrels high in branches.

And if you drink as thirsty roots or
Open arms in wordless prayer, giving thanks
In finding precious berries, luscious fruit—
Then contentment shall be as sweet,
Crawling slowly as a snail
Until you stand so still you hear
Welcome of cool breeze— whispering.
Voice of birds will sing of love’s desire—
Here your mind will touch a quiet peace.
Sink in silence, build environment for the heart,
Walk in boundless space and be at home.


2 thoughts on “More Lessons in Quiet Woods than Found in Books

  1. Oh, yeah, nature can give a real peace into our hearts and minds and can teach a lot about life. Well, this is where you can find true life. In other places it only happens to be found. Thank you for this nice poem. 🙂

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