Disappearing in Blue Mist

vineyardsWalking in California hills,
Abruptly disappearing in blue mist,
Vineyards, olive trees barely visible,
Forming background in memory
Even now after many years…..

Suddenly an open space emerged,
Outlying region curiously bare—
Yet even here, especially here,
Love was present in surrounding silent beauty.
I’d entered a land of naked possibility,
No fence, no boundary hemmed me in.

Two miles further, I came upon white road,
Dusty stretch of gravel washed by winter rain.
Eventually left the fog behind,
Clarity now mine… intense blue sky,
Warm Sun against distant peaks of the Sierras.
Only dreamlike stillness marked the place.

Untouched, remote, I walked another hour,
Finally came upon four standing crosses,
Marking some spot of disaster or death,
Lonely signposts calling me to prayer….
Yet again, I’d stumbled upon
Precious singularity on these outskirts,
Far off the path, delicately edged with holiness,
Rugged in its beauty, exhilarating in thin air,
Cutting deeply into memory among the
Twisting hills and valleys of my mind…


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