Morning Coffee Brewing

love coffee This morning I woke up early,
Saw the dawn breaking—
Coffee already brewing in the pot,
Filled, I trust, with mercy waiting.

Outside the window, misery sits—
No perfect day but mischief making,
Drinking in unclear atmosphere.
Delays are always my undoing.

Let me rise, my heart, and sip the brew
Every hour with mountain’s breath,
Clear, unfettered, virgin air,
Rouse my soul to walk with God
Running, spreading through the world.


4 thoughts on “Morning Coffee Brewing

  1. The comments that you leave here can be read publicly, so I am not going to be able to use them to communicate to you. Glad to know you are well, working many hours, and learning many things. Fascinating that you observe that Chinese are wealthy but Phillipinos are happy.

  2. May on a day when you are not working, you can find a computer cafe where you can go and use a computer for half an hour to write emails to friends and family. I will leave a message for you on here for one day and then delete it, as it could be read publicly by anyone who visits this site. Fred

      • There is no hurry at all. I would suggest you live there for at least six months and see if you enjoy it. No need to rush into buying property or citizenship. Follow your soul.

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