What Watches Under Charming Shade

love and sorrowFor Jack

There’s sorrow in my soul
That will only cease with breath itself.
Most days no longer weighty
Burning anguish, still it smolders there,
Watching under charming shade,
Runs loose dancing on the beach in red
When darkness clouds the mighty flame.

I know it’s there… motionless as death.
It seeks no healing, asks no aid.
Vainly would I strive to vanquish,
Attempt to cleanse or drive away.
At best, its edges soften when seen as perplexing friend.
When there is suffering in the world,
How can I be free of pain?

Too often my body has convulsed
At seeing love depart this life,
Felt deep rending of my heart in loss…
Yet still each day renew deep love,
Direct my thoughts toward what is true—
Ease the grief and live not for pity’s sake…
Deep sigh I breathe, at least I know the heavy tone,
Finally sing refrain of trembling song.


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