Out of Dark Driving Rain, There Flew a Bird With Broken Wing

Bird in Rain Tonight, right out of driving rain,
There flew young bird with broken wing.
I met the arrow as though it was life itself,
Springing from my solitude to save,
As love is sheltered in the quickened heart,
As dreams are treasured in morning light.

Though bird could dive and glide,
It cannot fly to seek his nest.
Inside my straining mind I prayed
To heal this brokenness—
This suffering wound that holds to ground
High flight of bird that yearns to soar….
I vowed to bird, to God, to you and to myself
To seek such power to bind the wing,
Set aside whatever sleepless doubt,
Cast off bondage of the midnight hours of pain.

Let me find the music’s hushed chord
Underlying power of healing voice,
Calm wild distress that waits in fear of night—
Then patiently sit for hours,
To share the creature’s cry and tears,
Then pray to wake within the bird
Shadow of clear white soulful beauty,
Call forth from breaking heart
Such strength, such wakened breath
That weight of wasted agony
No longer holds back the dropping crest.

Rise up!  Fly into night….
Blessed with tenderness of healing grace.
If you must let go, leave constancy behind.
Rise toward Sun of Joy with only Love,
For it alone dwells with Courage and Hope,
Three-fold to grasp as more than passing thought,
Straightforward guides your promised flight tonight.
Fly into wild wind with blessing and farewell!


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