Seeking Deepest Purpose

Deepest PurposeYou are more than your father’s daughter;
Far more than your mother’s son.
You were born of Earth and Spirit
And your life has only begun.
You’ve been here ten thousand years.
Space and time are only fragile things
Compared to the power of your Soul,
Blessed by a Nameless God
Who brought you into the world.

Believe in this as you seek your Deepest Purpose.
Even the darkness of Death itself
Will never be more than a stone upon your path.
Victory and defeat are almost nothing
For those who hold Valor and Love within the heart.
You must go down into your own dark dungeons,
Found deep within Center of the Earth….
Find the Crystal Cave where you were first born,
Renew your power as you renew your holy vows,
Learn what you have been sent here to learn.

Tyranny and greed are forever what must be battled.
But truth is always heard from marrow of your bones.
Be not concerned about wounds of body,
For they conform to any shape as aches
Come sharp and straight as an arrow.
Cleanse yourself in green water of the lake,
Purify your soul so you do not carry fear or hate into night.
I cannot tell you more than this, for the Voice you seek
Is heard and known to you alone.  I can only say
You are never alone in what you seek— never, never alone.
All that matters is that you heed the Voice and the hope
That speaks within your heart will tell you why you were born.

Do not allow the natural fear of death to hold you back,
For nothing truly worthy can be accomplished in one lifetime.
Go forth with honor and speak justly on the side of Love.
When your time to pass Beyond has come, go with gratitude
For the days you’ve had and know that you are blessed.
Trust in what you are and what will be—-
Beyond anything imagined; Beyond anything eyes can see.


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