Silence Before the First Word

Silence On the PathSilence is the Void from where the world was born.
Silence is the dream forgotten in the morn.
Silence is the pause of every mindful breath…
Silence is Presence within the Soul’s deep rest.

Silence is that space where green grass grows in light.
Silence is face of Moon as it gazes in the night.
Silence is the solitude that settles in lonely mood.
Silence is the secret path within the quiet wood.

Silence is the orchestra before it plays first note.
Silence is what waits in heart of every stone.
Silence is cold bed when love has gone away.
Silence is the grave when death has finally come.

Silence is wordless prayer before you go to sleep.
Silence is trembling fear before the doctor speaks.
Silence is shadow silhouetted on the floor.
Silence is mouse racing down long hall.

Silence is a tear running down a cheek.
Silence is a soldier returning after war.
Silence is cancer waiting in the lungs.
Silence is a hawk soaring in the air.

Silence is the eye within the strongest storm.
Silence is the dew before the sun has warmed.
Silence is the spider sitting in its web.
Silence is the child sleeping in her bed.

Silence is hunger when the cupboard’s bare.
Silence is a slave who’s afraid to speak a word.
Silence is a whale diving in the deep.
Silence is the hen brooding over eggs.

Silence is white clouds floating high in sky.
Silence is seed germinating in dark soil.
Silence is the pause necessary to the dance.
Silence is the closet when the door is closed.

Silence is awareness when desire has burned away.
Silence is behind the stars upon clearest night.
Silence is bottom of the well, close to water’s source.
Silence is the eternal Spirit that has never died.


2 thoughts on “Silence Before the First Word

  1. Nowadays the world is, unfortunately, very loud. I love silence and always seek for it, for example in nature. However, as you noticed, sometimes silence means the calm before the storm. I wish all of us to be able to find moments of silence in our lifes that bring peace and relax.

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