Traffic Jam Within My Life

traffic-jamDriving down the road today
I came to sudden stop,
Surround by other cars before, behind,
Stuck in morning traffic jam.

Suddenly my mind flipped,
Turned perspective around to see
I am not stuck in traffic—
I am traffic.

I am stuck within a crowd, unaware….
Thinking thoughts that others think,
Living out complaints that others give to me,
Walking through the world eyes open,
Yet completely blind and half-asleep.

Like living in large city,
So many bright lights at night
I cannot see the stars, forget they brightly shine
As much in day as in the darkest night.

So, too, does Ego blind me to the larger Soul,
And encompassing everything is the ALL.
I grasp at straws so I think I now know,
Make the ALL small so I can give a label.

No wonder I am stuck in traffic jam,
Driving down streets with eyes closed against blazing Sun,
Refuse to see the larger beauty or the stench of suffering,
Living in smog created by the mind.


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