Last Threshold

Last ThresholdSince none of us is perfect,
When walking across last threshold
We’ll leave behind both
Blessings and curses, received and given….
Many things started and even more unfinished.

As you set foot upon that ephemeral path,
May you leave behind a room of praise and laughter.
Swim naked into undertow at eventide,
Turn your head and wave goodbye
Toward those who remain upon this plane,
Cleanse your heart of all that clings—
Give voice to a final blessing.
Leave with only gratitude.

Be as strong and good as you can be,
Pass away upon that final breath
Merciful and free—
Forgiving others and yourself.
Thank your body and see it
As an object of beauty to be left behind.

Take the same path the Sun’s been taking
For ten thousand years and more,
Further than far shore of the western sea,
Beyond where even shadow is permitted to go.
Take off your shoes, walk barefoot
Into the waves and breaking foam,
Rise to underbelly of the clouds
Then outward to where source of revelation comes,
Drifting into illumination of White Light.

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