Where the Body and Spirit Are One

lightening stormWhen I went to sleep last night
It was moving through the world….
Still moving, startling as much as
Strike of lightening in the vibrant air
As I opened eyes in morning.
Standing, I look around amazed, confused,
Wondering where the beginning comes from,
Where does it goes when it seems to go away.
One day I found it in eyes of a neighbor,
Another time while watching soaring hawk,
Another was in mosquito buzzing near my ear.
I don’t know if I should say “Excuse me?” Or “Excuse me!”,
If I have failed to notice or see or hear
Within endless noise, distractions collecting in corners
Like a spider web within the mind.
Yet when I turn around, it is immediate and clear.
I so want to know…. watch my hand reach out,
Yet my hand says “No!”, suspended in mid-air.
No use to try to appear authoritative… only pause,
Pause and smile at how useless pretense wants to cling.
I know nothing and no one is to blame….
There is hesitance to embrace,
Awkward slowness within the mind—
Embarrassment if someone sees timid indecision,
Desire to keep it secret as though
Sexual act in bed within the dark.
But even there— it’s here, it’s everywhere.
Have you ever found it?  Ever lost it?
Do you search within doubt or imagination,
Unlock the inner door, run outside
Barefoot in green grass to dance before
Dew burns away from rising sun?
Do you walk within the carnal woods,
Swim terrified with glistening fish in lake,
Sing alone in shower or wordlessly pray under full moon,
Standing right upon silent edge—
For there is where the trembling Center lives.
Pause.  Be patient.  Become the impulse that brings you
Deeper into adolescent dark, young and curious,
Alive and one with body’s sensual moment.
Do not settle for idol you’ve had before.
Do not settle for pornography yet again.
Leap into the body and spirit whole
Where breath of God inhales you…. breathless,
Exhales you back into the world enthused.


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