As Lightening Flashed, I Touched Your Burning Cheek

 sexy weatherEven now, years later, I cannot hear rain
Strike upon the roof above my head,
Without thinking of the time we made love.
For hours, we’d been paddling the canoe upstream
Against slow river’s flow, bodies already moist,
Sweat glistened upon backs and arms.
We heard thunder first, paddled over to sandy bank,
Standing in pool of quiet water as first drops
Fell upon leaves of overhanging trees.
We stood there listening to plop of water
Upon larger flow of river.
Rain increased to pour upon the face,
Tears flowing down our cheeks, soaking clothes—
We lay upon the little beach.
As lightening flashed, I touched your burning cheek,
Licked the salt upon your satin skin….
At first it seemed nothing more than whim,
But soon our bodies were entwined as downpour
Washed warm liquid down our naked bodies.
Rising wind seemed to muffled cries
As Earth tilted in your eyes.
The ecstasy that day was electric as lightening overhead,
Wet sand upon your tousled hair,
The lawless, wild and public flair—
Though also private in that hour of violent weather.
To this day, memories float into my mind,
Never do I grow weary when they come.
I learned that day to surrender
Until red warmth of setting summer’s sun
Breaks through clouds, marries flowing water
With a world refreshed and clean.
Have you ever experienced sex so exquisite
That it changed your politics forever?
On that very night, I dreamed I changed
Party registration and became a Democrat—
Could no longer own a gun or favor war.
Ten years later, those woods were to be sold,
Developers planned golf course and 240 houses.
For months, we took petitions door to door,
Finally took the land through eminent domain,
Now a park in perpetuity, a testament to love.
When I shower in morning’s amber light,
You are there, forever young, shoulders bare and wet,
Glistening in pouring rain, smooth memories
Drench the heart again, retain within aging body
Tangled wonder in reminiscence of that day.


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