Movement Attracts the Brain’s Attention

 MovementToday the clouds were merely miscellaneous,
Scattered here and there…..
Like occasional red thread running in blue tartan
Or when you drive through Ohio counting cattle
Standing out black upon green fields of grass.
As we run through lifetime filled,
Uncounted hours and forgotten sexual conquests,
It’s movement that attracts the brain’s attention,
Like monkeys swinging through jungle trees,
Wolves running after wounded for a meal.
It’s rare solar eclipse or once-in-a-lifetime comet
That makes headlines thicken, 24 pt. or larger….
The escaped convict or Senator who votes with
Integrity in their bloody hearts, not overcast with greed,
Turbulence rising over a burning fire.
Question is, where does the movement lead?
Do we go mad running after speed or
Does movement gravitate toward center,
Come to rest upon point of stillness,
Without which there is no dance at all?

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