After You Were Sent to War


Dedicated to David

Years ago, when you were sent to war,
The tender boy I knew was lost,
Never returned from jungle rage,
Battle scars around your heart.
I stayed behind and fought the war another way,
But never became a hero like you are.
I’ve learned to tend pain people hold inside,
Secretly residing in their heads and hearts.
For forty years, we’ve walked a different path,
Rarely see each other— offer you instead
Humble gratitude for the sacrifice you’ve made,
Surrender to the great silence of the Moon.
I’ve come to finally learn that I refuse
To carry another as an enemy in my mind,
No gun now found within my house,
See all life sacred as my own.
I suppose under wait of full Moon’s light,
We each sing the knowing song,
Lyrics written in affections of the human form,
Sewing seeds within the savage garden of our lives.


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