When Something New is Born

Something NewThere are those times,
More often in middle of the night
Where we come to a miraculous moment.
We may pause to gain perspective….
Within an instant there is a pirouette,
Where out of whatever desire or fear that brought us here
There is an instant where we turn, reach out—
Where out of the friction of thrusting indecisions,
There is an opening, a flooding realization of new conception.
There is a letting go, a mourning, a release—
 But we cannot wait for long—time cannot be stopped.
Leaning as it does toward deeper questions.
Whatever brought us here has come with weight.
Yet there is also Purpose here,
Unseen and never clearly understood.
We raise our eyes and wonder,
But though glance toward distant mountains
Brings beauty reflected to our darkened eyes,
Atmosphere imperceptibly thickens,
Distorts colors that we see,
Altering clarity of what is Real.
We can only guess, then carefully withdraw,
 Move toward something we cannot fully see,
Filled, renewed from having paused….
Everything we were given was poured out,
Leaving some small part behind as offering… we separate,
Move away with other questions on our minds.
There are no laws that apply here.
This moment lingers… lasts but a breath or two,
No longer are coming and leaving joined in unison.
Here at moment of separation, there is a branching out,
Prayers whispered in emerging dawn.
In such ways one lives on in others….
New life, a blessing floating into morning.


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