Changeless Changing

 Changeless ChaningFor far too long, I waited and longed to be loved,
Still hearing cries of little boy within,
Alone, desperate, wanting to be held.
Too often those who said they cared
Were unkind, still at war with inner rage,
Wanting me to see them
As Hero they could never be.
I built a fortress inside the body,
Hidden under skin where too often
I resided divided among too many rooms,
Drifted along the empty halls,
Untouched by tenderness.
Can you hear within these words
The cry, the wail that comes with full moon—
Breaches surface breathless as do deep diving whales.
I’ve heard singing of a thousand morning birds
But cannot join the song, except in longing….
Too many years of hoping to be heard,
Received, touched, held, loved.
Now I celebrate this past,
Am grateful for the pain,
Appreciate the cleansing tears
Leading to new beginning.
Now I gather tribes around my feet,
Celebrate the coming dawn
Even as I still gaze upon the evening stars.
There is a narrow path.
Have you found it yet?
Have you awakened to the change alive within….
Evolution leading to awareness—
Changeless changing,
Holy undertaking, undergoing,
Transition that is truly blessed…
Citizen of a whole New Reality of the Universe.


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