Sailing Out on the Cusp of the Sea

 Sailing Out on the SeaTwo lifetimes ago, or maybe was it three….
I spent six months or six years sailing out on the sea.
Each morning as sun rose
I blew a conch shell— mood of the heart
Sounded in unison with thought—
Or in separation as I sat in the boat
Pondering the mysterious names of God.
At last, I had forsaken the world.
Day after day floating, reading poetry,
Reached the place where the cry of the flesh
And cry of the soul were almost One.
I had left behind the keys to the door of my house.
As I recall, you were once my neighbor.
Even now, I offer my thanks, for you gave
Far more than I was able to offer.
Now that the morning has dawned,
I blow out the lamp sitting in dark corner.
I love this life, and trust I shall love death as well.
When we parted, I only knew that I believed in God,
Had not yet blossomed into awareness of how much I loved God.
Slowly, in the passage of years, walking in the silence of woods,
Sitting in deep thought on top of mountains,
Now exploring the winds that blow on the sea,
I delight in the solitary places of the fleeting moment,
Descend into such wideness of mystery, too deep to fathom.
God is my constant companion….
Each day I write poetry, sing songs, paint a painting—
Surrender them all to the waves,
My soul filled with praise with each breath that I take.
I used to spend hours on the striving between good and evil,
Now spend empty hours of my days
As playmate of God, open my heart
And know the consequence of inconsequence.
Yesterday, I beheld a great event when I spotted a bird,
Soaring higher than thought could imagine,
Wings rising into the great glow of evening,
Then diving into the water of obscurity—
A simple and solitary child flying on the seas of the world.
The world is so amazingly vast and filled with beauty.
Who needs to look for hidden treasures?
Who needs to count the infinite stars of the night?


3 thoughts on “Sailing Out on the Cusp of the Sea

  1. God is my constant companion. I delight in solitary places. A simple solitary child………..Striving between good and evil………….”I love this life, and trust I will love death as well.” These are the words that spoke to me, as I read one of your poems for the first time. As a child I do remember those playful times with God, solitary times with unwavering love………..

    Your poem reminded me that I have, “God as my constant companion.” An as a old middle aged man, who is often referred to as a young man. Who may have lived many lifetimes before……….. . Once again needs the solidarity he once had with God, The solitary man that he is………who need not ever doubt god’s love or will.

  2. When there are so many wonders, why bother to count the stars made me think. Don’t diminish the beauty and magic by getting lost in quantifying.

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