When and If Elves Come on April Fool’s

Elves TimeJust as the Sun was ready to peek its Golden Eye
Above the hill on April Fool’s— there was a moment,
Only just a magical moment, when the Elves came to visit.
When they reveal themselves, it’s not for very long….
They were short, so very short
They’re last to know when drops of rain come down.
Still, they are creatures of great import—
Though some behaved quite improperly,
Always laughing in smiling mischief,
Creating element of uncertainty for myself.
There was no means by which to comprehend degree of risk.
They gave credible assurance that they would stand together….
I decided to trust that they might illuminate
Solution to the world’s ancient dilemma.
Looking back, I have to say
They were never explicit about any possibility,
As they spoke in ways of quid pro quo
Without ever taking the time to name the quo.
They stood there in large patch of asparagus,
As green as they were wont to be themselves—
They argued, or so it seemed, among themselves,
Louder and more animated than a hive of buzzing bees.
I sat there kneeling on the ground, wet with morning dew,
Understanding more or less what they said,
Got glimmer of what they could do
In the fragrance of that mysterious hour,
Early spring herbs and flowers their place of quiet shelter…..
They said that six times a year they would reappear,
In varying degree of close camaraderie, before disappearing yet again,
Hidden as they often are within imposing thickness of protective stone.
Have they come to visit you as well?
They visit unannounced— they’re beings without a country
As they belong only to the world entire.
Perhaps you’ll see them when you’re on the brink of sleep,
Or at the hour of death— or when the Sun has almost come,
Ready to shine again upon the global stage….
I always wonder if part of them is human or if they’re more divine.
But if and when they gather, appear before your eyes,
Flabbergasted though you may be, I suggest you keep your wits—
They won’t stay long before they disappear,
Shrouded deep in places soon to be forgotten.
Yet while they visit, you might perchance glimpse the Holy Grail.


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