On Such Night as This There is No Reason

 Night Without ReasonOn such nights as this
There is no reason
To risk betrayal of walking on thin ice of the lake,
Eat supper with friends by magical light of the Moon,
Cup of wine and the bread finally blessed at last….
Carry weight sure to break me as part of the task.
I keep warm at the fire burning inside.
Dog trying to warn at the turn in the road,
No need to enslave me, as I hold the leash.
Still, I go to places where fear still abides,
Endure empty space of loss of my friends.
Alone, except for the desperation I hold….
Regret on my back as light as prayer on my lips.
Finally, I learned to live with broken heart—
Found strength and forgiveness deep inside myself.
Because of you…  I found me, and so….
I fall on my knees and thank you
I’m ready now to cross the field, walk back home,
Round Moon high above throws light on the road.
No parade of great fanfare; no terrific reviews—
Only cold feet and peace in my heart.


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