Often I Am Blind

Often I am blindTwo kinds of beauty
Stand before my eyes today….
One is startling.
Second is subtle.
I pause to listen to the world,
Both voices speak without a word of judgment,
Cannot say which I love the most.
At times the world of beauty overwhelms,
Demands I give attention,
Shocks me to awareness of what
Height the world achieves—
Texture,  vibrant color, magnificence,
Brass section of the orchestra.
Yet when I am at peace,
Pay attention to smaller detail,
Hear the minor key under louder melody,
Movement of hawk soaring high in air,
Snail crawling up green stem,
Reflection on the lake of hills beyond—
Like nuances in fine wine,
I taste blackberry, cinnamon, tobacco,
And something there I cannot name.
Only out of inner calm
Does the delicate flavor come alive,
Speaks as other spices fade upon the palate—
Patiently the subtle beauty whispers,
Tip-toes into busy world and calmly waits,
Reminds me how often I am blind.
Especially on such days when I am busy
That’s when I need to sit,
Open eyes to beauty surrounding all around
Waiting to be noticed and so easily overlooked.
I want to see it all, never want to miss
Small piece of puzzle
That makes the picture whole.


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