Is It Reckless to Face Each Day With Hope?

Face the Day with HopeI cannot begin to explain the storm
That has threatened every hour of afternoon,
Rumbles of thunder rolling in across golden field of years,
Closer and closer it comes with constancy of sorrowed darkness.
Though I’m standing under tallest oak,
There is no fear at all, perhaps subconsciously
Hoping for that fatal stroke to finish off—
First drops of rain and stirring wind that rustles leaves.
Is it reckless to face each day with hope within my heart?
Am I childish to go to bed at night, still yearning for love?
I praise the God that floats from chamber to chamber of the heart,
Drenching me in longing…. Leaving me vulnerable and completely open.
When I pray, there is a smile upon my face, arms upraised,
Stars visible within my eyes.  I enjoy flash of light
Plummeting me down into a night of darker dreams,
Oblivious to everything, soaring like a dove above the clouds.


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