Promise of Today

PromiseEach day I offer promises
With every moment, every hour,
Passing out my time on Earth
Seeking my road of Truth—
Know what I do with my own days becomes my sacred vow,
Give myself to flow out into wider Universe.
There is nothing else that can be done—
For better or worse, nothing else that one can do.
My soul came here to learn,
To struggle with this curriculum….
I practice yoga of relationship,
Read the ancient books left by those who came before,
Learn to speak wild languages of words,
Discovered my greatest teacher is suffering…..
And that there is no greater truth or way than Love.
The river only flows one way…..
If I deceive myself to think I can avoid my own pain,
More pain will come.  The only pain that can be avoided
Is the pain that comes from trying to avoid pain.
That awareness took me years, is now a sacramental blessing,
Understood as cheeks are washed and baptized in tears.
I have, from time to time, strayed out of thought and space,
But always been sent back… returned to finish my mission.
Please God— send your angels.
Allow your light to shine within the dark.
 Let me understand my life.
Give me strength to face what must be faced— for today.

2 thoughts on “Promise of Today

  1. Oh Fred did you hit it on the head with this one. Wanted to drop in to say hello runnning off to work, will write again tonight or tomorrow. Hugs Merci

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