March Wind Turns and Ice Returns

 Thin IceLate in the afternoon, the wind turns,
As wind has a tendency to do at times.
As the sun goes down behind the hills,
Temperature drops along with the light.
I knew it wasn’t the freezing point—that would come but not yet.
Yesterday, the lake was flowing water,
Then overnight thin layer of ice reappeared,
Various shades of blue in the ice
Match the blues of March in the sky.
God, I love being alive to see…  to notice variation of blues.
I’ll tell you a secret—
I don’t want to live in paradise.
You go live in Maui so I can come for a two visit.
But I like living where weather changes,
Where in March the ice melts and with surprise it returns.
For me, unchanging weather would lead to despair.
Better to rise in the morning, not yet knowing the weather—
Dreary days filled with gloom or clouds as fleece above bright rising sun,
Every day I crawl from the bed, throw open the curtains with wonder,
Then look at the lake, push open the door and walk out with the dog.
No longer do I need to travel, to find a second, different life.
I’ve finally found I enjoy my own company….
Spend hours slowing down, allowing deeper notice to come,
Bear witness to birds upon skin of thin ice,
Suspend my concentration on getting someplace else.
How delightfully humbling, when the weather
Brings me to wonder when I open my eyes—
Whether weather will please or be too hot or too freezing.
Each day I drink in the lake,
Am grateful for the spectacular thaw and freeze of the world.


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