Brought to My Knees to See the Melting Ice

Melting ice lakeToday the covering of ice on the lake
Melted first in places, then the entire lake,
Within only two hours
Began to flow with open water,
Waves rippling in the warming wind.
Sun was shining all afternoon;
White snow on the hills is almost gone.
How spectacular to see the winter go….
Retreat as march of spring
Radiates in ways I see and yet cannot see.
Humbly, I walk down stone steps to the red dock,
Brought to my knees to take in the view—
Immerse my hands in cold holy water,
Incline my eyes to see
Whether fish have awakened from hibernation,
Swimming below in flowing stillness.
Yet again an opportunity for wonder!
Yet again an opportunity to open the heart to love.


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