Never Will I Leave You

Never Leave YouThere is not the slightest doubt
That in some future year,
Far, far after I am gone
You will still look for me as you gaze at stars.
My love, simply turn around…
You’ll feel my hand upon your back.
You might see me in the eyes of your own child.
I’ll visit you in dreams or on a quiet walk.
Never, not for one instant, will you ever be alone.
You will not need to light candles in cathedrals,
Visit shrines or sing hymns or Hindu chants.
I will be present within every prayer upon your lips.
In the strangest moments, I will come—
At times unbidden, but always if you call.
Look for the small breath inside your breath.
Never will I leave you without my love.
As you age, when your days are nearly gone,
You will sense that I am there, so very, very close…
In that instant time, you’ll know I’ve never left.
Open heart waiting to say “Welcome Home”.


2 thoughts on “Never Will I Leave You

  1. Beautiful, Fred, and thankyou so much for such a touching poem so full of love and gentleness. You have such a wonderful gift. I think this is probably my favourite (you will know why, I am sure).

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