Suddenly the River Takes a Turn

 River TurnsThere are those times we make determined effort.
Other times we seem to hit a solid wall—
Finally learn to just let go, surrender….
There is so little we ultimately control.
Then suddenly the river takes a turn,
Around the bend a wider, dazzling brightness shows.
Sometimes we wake within the night—
In the darkest times we see the greatest insight,
Clarity descends like an angel on graceful
Wings brushing up against our undefended skin….
Or perhaps a locked door finally opens,
Options found where once there was an empty room.
The old familiar voices are no longer needed now—
Let go the anger, shame and lingering despair….
I’ve slept upon that bed at night
Wrapped in sheets when I was bruised and beaten.
Years ago, I lost my innocence— perhaps it was stolen
From a child too far from home and all alone.
Thank God I found a trusty guide and healer,
And when she died, I found a second one.
They taught me to decipher hieroglyphics
Scratched by fingernail upon the walls of caves within my dreams—
Held my hand and listened to my tears and screams.
Years and years it took for wounds to slowly turn to Sacred Wounds,
To find an antidote to poison in my heart.
I’ve stumbled walking down the path, crawled on bloodied knees
Until at last I found the prison keys— released myself,
Taken by the hand in invitation, taught to weave
Tapestry from blood soaked thread.
Now odd as it may seem, I see unbroken circle,
Transforms the poems I write to prayer—
And there I sense you reading with me, sitting in your chair,
Composing music out of vivid air.

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