Walking the Street in Rain

RainThis morning I walk the dog,
Rain falling on my face
Mixing with the tears of countless years—
Washed in last night’s fading full moon light.
A thousand times I’ve cried, yet still I know
There sounds a deeper voice within I’ve only just begun to hear,
Could never really listen to, this deeper Self
Only just now showing up— worthy of my love.
This is all I want, to walk the streets in rain,
Knowing that my eyes are finally open—at least enough this morning—
To see the world entire that I wake up to,
Breaking open my heart again and again….
Each step filled with wonder at the multitude of arms above,
Branches of the trees touching, embracing,
So deeply rooted in the Earth that they can boldly sway,
Without a doubt, proclaim the dance they came to dance this day.
God— I love this heart-cracking world,
Weary and discouraged though at times I may appear to be,
Yet hold the Whole in sacred prayer, hold it close
As salt is carried by my tears, weightless burden of the crystal soul—
Wakened at the dawn of day, wiping tears away,
Not caring if the tears are joy or grief as long as they are flowing,
Rich in texture, soaking in whatever nourishment they bring,
As they run down my face, splash upon the thirsty world.


One thought on “Walking the Street in Rain

  1. The tears do flow more easily at this point in life.. and after so many touching experiences that I can’t hold back….

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