You’re Everywhere But Here

 empty_bedWhat words are there to say?
I walk into the empty room,
Hope to see the bed unmade,
See form or mark upon the pillow
Where once your head had been.
I’d swim laps around the sun,
Charm snakes, chase rabbits, streak naked
If I could see the color of your eyes for one more hour.
I don’t know what to do
Without the heaviness of you
Upon my back, inside my chest— the wall removed,
Cloudburst passed so my eyes can see again.
Why does endless longing of my love
Not have an ounce of power?
 Sometimes I hate that poetry is only words—
Has not the life of a blade of grass.
What’s worse is that the weight of love
Still leaves monumental empty space,
Edges of the hollowed place
A hallowed boundary line I cannot cross.
Wherever you are right now,
I pray you hear my prayer,
Know this secret place inside my heart
Is never empty when I think of you.
Even in my darkest dreams,
You’re there— you’re everywhere but here.


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