Wind Blowing Snow Where It Wills

snow landLast night blowing wind sent snow
Across western plains, wide lakes
Where no one has a place to lay his head,
Wind blowing where it likes to blow,
Howling, drifting against the house,
Walkway and car covered with ice.

In dark of night, the Wandering Rabbi spoke,
Upsetting what little calm remained within the dream—
“Take nothing with you, no wine or loaf of bread, no blanket,
Before sleep comes, shake dust from sandals,
With bare feet lie upon Mother Earth.”

There is no need to pray for arrival of Spring—
No need to hope for what we know God brings,
All in good time, all in good time….
Allow the drifting snow to teach
Deep patience that cold Winter knows,
Blowing into the dimness of our dreams,
Forever watching in our present darkness,
Keeping awake for when strong wind brings greater Light.

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