Winter Clouds

Winter morningWinter clouds hang above cold water—
Daily, snow crosses my mind.
White clouds as light as feathers
Hang thin threads of gold and gray
Displayed above the barren fields.
Tonight I walk under bitter winds and rising Moon,
White stand of birch
Provides habitat of silence—
Roots upon the frozen ground,
Waits for another snow to blanket
.Hard Earth with soft powder.
A friend who is dying
Would trade her blanket on the bed
For walking in a foot of snow tonight or
Lying in coming sunlit grass of spring.
Water in the brook will run dry
Before she finds warm nights,
Calling of transient birds as
Fleeting as the breath of life.
I pause before knocking at her door,
Pray whatever flowers bloom within her room
Will last another day or two—
And pray my prayer is overheard.


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