First Day of the Year

perfect rainbowOn first day of the year,
Looking behind, I see so many shades of gray,
Slowly moves the past drifting further and further away….
Many are those now gone, never to return this way,
Kept in pockets of memory, where they will always stay.

Yet the river that moves within me,
Goes forward toward the only possible joy,
Flowing under every rainbow, on out the door of Soul.
Countless raindrops fall, splash with vibrant beauty,
Warm saltwater tears roll down my cheeks,
Each tear reflects within a universe….
Quiet dreams of night to come, vaguely familiar,
Flash now across synapses of the brain.

Across high mountain ranges,
Distant fences corral the days ahead,
So many promised fingers
Stream from yellow Sun,
Braided through my children’s hair,
Color radiating off the eye, hazel, blue
Taste of berries summer’s flesh on tongue,
Untamed leaves falling from autumn trees,
Midnight winter’s snow white glimmer…..
Drawing water from the well of Time.

Pray tell me, what calls to you?
What colors of future days surround you—
Swimming laps around the Sun,
Break your loving heart with pain,
Charming snakes in this great three-ring circus….
Leave you breathless, laughing with your friends,
Unknown promises of the days to come.


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