Invisible As Love or Music

road at nightWhile walking the dog at night,
Noticed invisible texture in the air,
Invisible, as love or music.
Turning left onto curving road
Never walked before,
Found myself in sacred space as though
Inside a riddle, lost, spellbound
Within silent drifting fog
Where even sagacity was useless,
Slipped away within the dark.

Yet something deep beckoned
As knowledge, philosophy and faith failed,
Not even narcotics could still the voice
That whispered from the soul,
Ate its way into a hurting place,
Slowly made its way to pounding heart—
Slow progress on uneven hills.
Here no map or sage presents
Directions, conclusions cracking open the world….
Would destroy what I sensed was Whole.

In face of such dark puzzle, even saints laugh,
Impossible to outrun approaching storm—
Even if I could find my way back home.
Clap of thunder reminds things come in threes.
I walk into the trees, praying the canopy
Will shelter from multitudes of unknowns.
Drops of pelting rain now hit the Earth
With such force they bounce back upward,
Giving illusion that something boils around, within.
Roof of clouds runs for miles and miles,
Forlorn in such meager light, lost within dim shadow.

Suddenly the wind shifts, sound of rain more gentle—
Face is washed by streams of rain and tears,
Unmetered water bathing, cleansing,
And I am more unrestrained without strain or stain,
Wandering…. wandering all the way home.


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